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Our Dog's Nanny is proud to announce a new service for discerning dogs of Northern Virginia. We are now offering in-home country boarding at our new location in Kinsale, VA. Located on ten acres, our river house is set in tranquil southern Virginia’s Northern Neck.

"It takes a village to raise a dog, and we are your village."

Dog Retreat - In-home Country Boarding

Our Dog's Nanny's owner, Jill Tonkin, and her long-time aide-de-camp, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer), Luke and CFO (Chief Fun Officer), Fiona have transformed the stigma surrounding traditional boarding into a “home away from home” getaway for your dog with their in-home country boarding. Their “boarding facility” is in fact not a facility at all; it is their home in the idyllic Kinsale, VA riverfront countryside.

Most of the property's acreage is reserved for their canine guests. An acre has been totally and securely fenced and has direct access from the house. With two large oak trees, there is plenty of shade during the summer days. Some elements that may be found here are: tug-of-war ropes, tennis balls, Frisbees, jumps (for those who like to show off), shade provided by trees, baby pool for the adventurous type, friendly local wildlife who stop in to say hello, and much more.

An average day in the life of an ODN canine guest begins with a potty break while breakfast is prepared from a pre-determined menu (provided by the parents), no running or swimming for 60-minutes after eating, followed by a luxurious day of playtime, nap time, and intermittent potty breaks. After supper has been served (and digested), one last walk around the dog yard for a sniff and a bark goodnight to the wildlife. Then it is off to bed on a bed of their choosing (bunk beds are not offered). Jill was able to turn her dream idea into a reality all due to her past, current, and hopeful future canine guests..

Bring your own food

Unlimited “potty breaks”

We keep the number of “guests” low so that they receive personalized attention. There will only ever be five or less dogs (plus Luke and Fiona!)

An interview with new clients and “guests” is necessary to ensure that your little one will get along with the other “guests” and assure that everyone that stays at the retreat is safe and happy. All vaccinations need to be current including bordetella.

Our “guests” will be part of our family

No crates or kennels

One acre totally fenced garden with plenty of shade, grass and sprinklers for those hot summer days.

We have established a relationship with the local vet in case of emergencies.


Luke and Fiona enjoying the sunshine on the front lawn.

One acre fenced garden – plenty of space for running and playing.

Labrador weekend at the Retreat!